Work No. 787; Confessions of a Pebble Rescuer

Posted on September 7, 2015 Under London Dada

Many Call but Few are Chosen – Confessions of a Pebble Rescuer
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Saved from a fate worse than sand,
from millennia of twice-daily tides relentless and

Reducing, reducing, with friction merciless til
Nought remains save innumerable anonymous particles, part
of some vast future deep dark seabed – asleep forever.

A hearty wee pebble in a trillion
rescued by a dadaist, an imagination in a million

to sit high and dry upon marble mantlepiece never more
to suffer indignity of age, of terminal decay.

Preserved, protected, frozen
in time for eternity
to outlive by far
its all too mortal saviour.

M. St.M


  Three Fellow Escapees ( click to enlarge )
  c. Michael St.Mark


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