work 668; Osborne HOC Mockery

Posted on August 2, 2013 Under London Dada

George Osborne
Osborne HOC Mockery ( Triptych )
c. Michael St.Mark

” Scrunch portrait “TM  of Chancellor GO in the House of Commons in June after delivering his benefits cuts speech,
with a gleeful Cameron (seated) over his shoulder ( poverty is so LOL hey, Dave )
The sneering finger-pointing at the impotent Labour front bench enhanced in the scrunch, encapsulating the monstrously arrogant and bullying character of the present Government that has overseen a 60% rise in rough sleepers during its two years in office with a rapidly-increasing transfer of the UK work force onto zero hours contracts with plantation wages and diddly squat rights.


Three digital photographs of the front page of the 15th June 2013 i newspaper in progressive stages of collapse.

3 giclee prints on Ilford Pearl paper, arranged and mounted on black card in triptych format,
32″ x 12″ combined
Signed edition of 25;  £340 ( unframed )

Also available in individual print form..

Osborne sneer
George Osborne scrunch portrait

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